Robust investment policy

UnitedPensions Asset Management

UnitedPensions outsources asset management activities to Hewitt Risk Management Services Limited (HRMSL). HRMSL is a 100% subsidiary of Aon. HRMSL is responsible for the implementation of the investment policy and is responsible for the selection and monitoring of the asset managers.

Aon's Manager Research department supports HRMSL. The Manager Research department consists of over 80 specialists, focusing exclusively on reviewing and assesing investment products. The department monitors over 4,000 funds and managers worldwide. In 2015, the department held a total of 3,489 meetings with asset managers and carried out 556 searches.

Over €60 billion of pension capital is invested in Aon's investment platform. Aon advises over 2,300 clients worldwide with a combined total of €3.6 billion in investment capital. Our scale gives access to the very best asset managers and funds, enabling us to offer fund investments at highly competitive rates.

UnitedPensions offers a choice of six different investment mixes, UN 1 through UN 6. These combine real assets/fixed-interest securities in the following proportions: 65%/35%, 50%/50% and 35%/65%. Clients can choose the active or passive variation of each investment mix.

Within the passive variations, the passive shares funds structures are based not only on market capitalisation, but also on a combination of 'smart passive' solutions, such as minimum volatility and fundamental indexation. This is designed to ensure a better risk-return ratio compared to market capitalisation-based investments.

UnitedPensions is a fiduciary solution. As well as the above activities, it benefits client by: giving strategic advice; performing the annual continuity analysis; performing a full ALM study once every three years; and reporting on their investments.