What is United Pensions?

International solution

UnitedPensions is an international solution for employers and pension funds aiming to bring their pension administration and pension assets under one roof.

UnitedPensions is also an appealing alternative for pension funds and companies confronted with high premiums, high administration fees and increasing pressure from the Dutch Supervisor.

If the probability of grants of indexation to participants is very limited in the near future, UnitedPensions may also be an interesting option.

UnitedPensions is a multi-employer cross-border pension fund in Belgium founded by Aon.

For multi-nationals

UnitedPensions is a multi-employer cross-border pension fund (multi-IORP) in Belgium.

What is UnitedPensions?

Comprehensive solution
  • Multi-employer, but assets are fully segregated
  • Straightforward, professional governance by Aon
  • Improves the future-readiness of accrued pension capitals
Efficient solution
  • Flexible financing approach
  • Shared compliance fees
  • Reduces the amount of time you need to devote to pensions, giving you more time to focus on your business
Effective solution
  • Make use of economies of scale
  • Aon’s best-in-class investment support
  • Align your pension to your risk appetite

Selecting UnitedPensions means
  • Financing complies with Belgian regulations; a more long-term focus reduces volatility
  • Principle-based regulations create more flexibility, enabling customisation
  • Professional management of governance, with the ability for schemes to determine their personal participation and involvement level – ensuring expert input and a reduced burden for employers and pension funds 
  • In principle, higher probability of grants of indexation. There is also room for customisation of terms and conditions and rules
  • Due to different regulations relating to financing and reporting, there is more room for discretionary investment. This can be expected to generate higher long-term returns

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