Who are we?

Governance Structure

Each member company has a seat at UnitedPensions’ General Meeting. If required, a Social Committee can be appointed for each company to allow for member representation.

General Meeting:

  • The General Meeting is the decision-making body; the key responsibilities are delegated to the Board. The General Meeting convenes annually, and consists of representatives of all member companies.

UP Board:

  • The UP Board has the operational and regulatory responsibility for UnitedPensions.

UP Operational Committee:

  • The UP Operational Committee holds delegated operational responsibilities for each country. For The Netherlands, the Dutch Operational Committee (DOC) fulfils this role.
  • The Committee comprises local market specialists in legal, actuarial, investment and pensions administration, responsible for local management of pension capital.

UP Investment Committee:

  • Responsible for all investment decisions as well as internal and external reports.

UP - Board

There is a single Board for UnitedPensions: the UnitedPensions Board.
The UP Board of Directors consists of:

Thierry Verkest, Chairman
Werner Keeris
Paul Bonser
Heleen Vaandrager
Rachael Ingle
Falco Valkenburg (Independent director)
Bart Bronselaer (Independent director)


The Dutch Operating Committee consists of:

Marsha van Beusekom, Chairman
Martin Grashoff
Jacintha den Haag

UP - Investment Committee

The UnitedPensions Investment Committee consists of:

Evelyn Ryder
Patrick Mariën
Mathias Coumert
Adrian Mitchell
Donald Duval
Marsha van Beusekom
Nicholas Hatherley